CC8/Algebra Calendar

6/7-10 CW: Visual Acuity Project


6/6 CW: Visual Acuity Project Research


6/3 CW: Visual Acuity Project Intro


6/2 Trimester Final


6/1 CW: Trimester Review Functions


5/31 CW: Trimester Review Quadratics


5/27 CW/HW: Function Review   


5/26 CW/HW: FIF8a Parabola Features, A.REI.2 Abs Value/Radical Equations


5/25 CW/HW: Quadratics Review for Final


5/24 CW/HW: Transformation of graphs, FIF8 Factor and multiply polynomials


5/23 CW/HW: Vertex Form for Quadratic Equations


5/17 - 20 CW: Solving Systems of linear and quadratic equations


5/16 CW: Linear/Nonlinear relationships


5/13 CW: SBAC Prep


5/12 CW: SBAC Prep


5/11 CW: SBAC Prep

HW: None


5/10 CW: Line of best fit


5/9 CW: Scatterplot Packet


5/6 CW: Unit Test


5/5 CW: Finish Review Worksheets


5/4 CW: Domain and Range Poster

Review Worksheets Domain and Range, Evaluate Functions, More Functions  and solve radicals and Abs Value

5/3 CW: Learning Check

Domain and Range Poster

HW: None


5/2 CW: Domain and Range Matching Activity

HW: None


4/29 CW: Function Review Day 2


4/28 CW: Domain and Range Practice

Domain and Range Packet


4/27 CW/HW: Domain and Range of Absolute Value and Radical Equations


4/26 CW/HW: Domain and Range Day 1


4/25 CW/HW: Intro to Functions Day 1

Evaluating Functions



4/22 CW/HW: Solve Absolute Value and Radical Equations


4/21 CW: Absolute Value WS and Extra Practice


4/20 CW: Absolute Value Notes

HW: Solve Absolute Value Equations Day 1


4/19 CW/HW: Solve Radical Equations Day 2


4/18 CW: Solve Radical Equations Notes

HW: Solve Radical Equations Day 1


4/5-4/6 CW: Quadratic Story Problem Task

HW: None


4/4 CW: Quadratic Story Problem Notes

HW: Quadratic Formula and Story Problems



4/1 CW: Quadratic Formula Notes

HW: Quadratic Formula Day 1


3/31 CW: Unit Test


3/30 CW: Quadratic Review

HW: None


3/29: CW/HW: FIF7a & FIF8a  FIF8


3/28 CW: Learning Check


3/25 CW/HW: Quadratics Review



3/24 CW/HW:  Diff of Squares, perfect squares, ext factoring


3/23 CW: Using ZPP to solve quadratics notes

HW: Using ZPP to solve quadratics


3/22 CW: Extended Factoring with GCF

HW: None


3/21 CW: Extended Factoring Notes

HW: Extended Factoring Day 1



3/17 CW: Looking closer at Parabolas group task

HW: None


3/16 CW: Feature of parabolas practice

HW: None


3/15 CW: Features of parabolas notes

HW: Features of parabolas day 1


3/14 CW: Multiply binomials and factoring practice

HW: None


3/11 CW:Factoring using GCF and diamond method notes

HW: Factoring and multiplying binomials


3/10 CW/HW: Multiply Binomials


3/9 CW: Graphing Quadratics


3/8 CW: Quadratic Investigation Day 1

Parabola investigation


3/7 CW: Trimester Final


3/4 CW: Worksheet Choice

HW: None


3/3 CW/HW: 8.EE.1 LOE Final Review Day 2


3/2 CW/HW: 8.EE.1 LOE Final Review Day 1


2/29 - 3/1: Pythagorean Theorem Review

8.G.7 Review

8.G.8 Distance Review

8.G.7 Story Problems      Answers


2/26 Unit Test


2/25 CW: Whiteboard Challenge

HW: None


2/24 CW/HW: Unit Review Day 2



2/23 CW: Learning Check

HW: None


2/22 CW/HW: Unit test Review



2/12 CW: Exponential Growth and Decay Practice




2/11 CW/HW: Exponential Growth and Decay Word Problems


2/10 CW: Exponential Decay Practice

HW: None


2/9 CW: Exponential Decay Notes

Exponenetial Decay Practice Day 1

HW: None


2/8 CW: Growth Rate Practice

HW: Exponential Growth HW


2/5 CW: Growth Rate Notes

HW: Growth Rate and Growth Factor


2/4 CW: Exponential Relationships Notes


HW: None


2/3 CW: Finish Exponential Packet

HW: Exponential Equations Tables Graphs


2/2 CW: Exponential Relationship Packet

HW: None


2/1 CW: Homework proposal

Kingdom of Montreux

HW: None


1/29 LOE Unit Test


1/28 CW/HW: LOE Extra practice day 3


1/27 CW: LOE Whiteboard practice

HW: LOE Extra practice day 2


1/26 CW: Learning Check

HW: LOE Extra Practice


1/22 CW: LOE Completed Notes

LOE Mixed Practice


1/21 District Final


1/19 - 1/20 Review for District Final

Arithmetic Sequences

Dimensional Analysis

Direct and Inverse Variation

Linear Review

Mean & Median



Answer Keys


1/15 CW: LOE Power of Powers exploration



1/14 CW: LOE Quotient of Powers exploration



1/13 CW: Exponents Day 1 Notes

HW: LOE: Zero, Negative and Product


1/12 CW: Team Test Radicals

HW: None


1/11 CW: Operations with radicals practice

HW: None


1/8 CW: Learning Check

HW: None


1/7 CW: Simplify Radicals Day 4


1/6 CW: Simplify Radicals Choice


1/5 CW: Divide Radicals Notes

HW: Divide Radicals with Answers


1/4 CW/HW: Simplify Radicals Add and Multiply with Answers


12/17 CW: Add & Subtract Radicals

HW: Add & Subtract Radicals Day 2 with Answers


12/16 CW/HW: Multiply Radicals


12/15 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Test

HW: None


12/14 CW: Whitebaord Review

HW: None


12/11 CW/HW: Pythag Reivew Day 3 with Answers


12/10 CW: Learning Check

HW: None


12/9 CW/HW: Pythagorean Theorem Review Day 1 with Answers



12/8 cw: Simplify Radicals Notes

HW: Simplify Radicals and find missing side day 2



12/7 CW: Simplify Radicals Exploration

HW: Find missing side with simplified radical


12/4 CW: Story Problems Day 3

HW: None


12/3 CW: Story Problems Day 2

HW: None


12/2 CW: Story Problems Day 1   Answers

HW: None


12/1 CW: Pythag Theorem Practice

HW: Pythag WS 2



11/30 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Practice Notes

HW: Pythagorean WS 1



11/25 CW: Inv 3.1 Day 2 Notes   Practice

HW: None


11/24 CW: Inv 3.1 Day 1    Resource Sheet

HW: None ( may work on finishing CW)


11/23 CW: Unit Test

HW: None


11/20 CW: Inequality Review Packet

HW: None


11/19 CW: Learning Check

HW: Inequalities Review after Learning Check


11/18 CW: Treasure Hunt (Graphing Systems of inequalities)

HW: Graphing Inequalities Review


11/17 CW: Systems of Inequalities Task

HW: None


11/16 CW: Graphing Inequality Story Problems

HW: Graph Inequalities and systems of inequalities


11/13 CW: Graph System of Inequalities Notes

Graph Systems of Inequalities Practice with Answers

HW: None


11/12 CW: Graphing Inequalties Review



11/10 CW: Graphing Linear Inequalities Notes

HW: Graphing Linear Inequalities with Answers


11/9 CW: Solve and graph inequalities notes

HW: Solve Inequalities with answers


11/6 CW: Unit Test Solve Systems

HW: None


11/5 CW Test Review

8.EE.8a Solve Systems

8.EE.8b Graph Systems

8.EE.8c Story problems


11/4 CW Test Review

All methods Review


11/3 CW: Learning Check 8.EE.8 A B C

Optional practice with answers


11/2 CW: All Systems Practice with answers


10/30 CW/HW: Solve Systems story problems day 2


Extra Practice with Answers


10/29 CW: Solve Systems story problems notes

HW: Solve Systems Story Problems with Answers


10/28 CW/HW: Solve systems all methods with answers


10/27 CW: Solve using elimination day 2 notes

HW: Solve using elimination day 2 with answers


10/26 CW: Investigate Elimination Method Notes

HW: Elimination Day 1



10/23 CW: Solve Systems using substitution notes

HW: Solve Systems using substitution



10/22 CW: Intro to Systems Notes

HW: Intro to Systems

Answers on back of HW


10/21 CW: Team Test

HW: None


10/20 CW: Review Packet



10/19 CW: Translating linear equations between forms notes

HW: None


10/16 CW/HW: Graph and Solve Equation Packet

Answers to solve equations


10/15 CW: Finish Lesson 4.4 Notes

HW: p244: 1 - 5



10/14 CW: Lesson 4.4 Equivalent Equations Investigation

HW: Finish investigation


10/13 CW: Lesson 4.3 Notes

HW: p237: 4 a,b, c, e & 6



10/9 CW: Lesson 4.1 Notes

HW: p220: 2, 5, 6



10/8 CW: Unit Test

HW: None


10/7 CW: Whiteboard Review

HW: None


10/6 CW: Unit Review Worksheets



10/5 CW: Learning Check NQ1 and FBF2

HW: None


10/2 CW/HW: Proportions and Dimensional Analysis Review



10/1 CW: Arithmetic Sequences Day 3

HW: Arithmetic Sequences Story Problems

Answers available in class


9/30 CW: Arithmetic Sequences

HW: Arithmetic Sequences Day 1



9/29 CW: Learning Check Inverse and direct variation, Arithmetic sequences notes

HW: None


9/28 CW: Direct and Inverse Variation Day 4

HW: None


9/25 CW: Direct and Inverse Variation Day 3

Exit ticket

HW: None


9/24 CW: Direct and Inverse Variation Application

HW: Direct and Inverse Variation Application

Answers available in class


9/23 CW: Direct and Inverse Variation Exploration

HW: none


9/22 CW: Direct Variation WS

HW: None

9/21 CW: Inv 2.4

HW: p118: 5, p119: 7, p120: 11



9/18 CW/HW: Dimensional Analysis Making Fudge



9/17 CW: Dimensional Analysis Notes

HW: Dimensional Analysis Day 1



9/16 CW: Investigation 2.2 Fish in a pond

HW: None


9/15 CW: 2.1 practice 5, 6, 10

HW: None


9/14 CW: 2.1 Investigation

HW: None


9/11 CW/HW: Order of operations and solving equations WS



9/10 CW: Review of pre-assessment topics with answers


9/9 CW: Pre-assessment of cc7/8 material remembered


9/8 CW: District Pre-assessment

HW: None


9/4 CW: Syllabus Discussion

HW: Get Syllabus signed by 9/11


9/3 CW: Write Equations (Linear Review)

HW: None


9/2 CW: Scavenger Hunt through textbook and website

HW: None


9/1 CW: Personality Profile

HW: None