CC8 Calendar

6/19 - 6/21 CW: Exponential Relationships Group Task


6/18 CW: Tri 3 Final and Grade Reflection


6/17 CW: Exponential Decay Notes

Exponential Decay Word Problems



6/13 CW: Growth rate and growth factor Notes


6/12 CW: Finish Kingdom of Montarek Activity


6/11 CW: Exponential Growth Notes

Start Kingdom of Montarek Activity


6/10 CW: Trimester Final


6/7 CW: Volume Story Problems

Review All Standards


6/6: 8.G.1 & 8.G.2 Review


6/5 CW: 8.G.5 and 8.G.3 Review


6/4 CW: Transformation Test Reflection

Tri Final Review 8.G.3


5/31 CW: Review for Final

Volume Review


5/30 CW: Unit Test


5/29 CW: Practice Test


5/28 CW: Continue work on review ws

Extra: Unit Review Day 3


5/24 CW: Unit Review

8.G.1     8.G.2     8.G.3    8.G.5


5/23 CW: Unit Review Day 2


5/22 CW: Unit Review Day 1   Key


5/21 CW: 8.G.2 Learning Check Reflection

Review Packet   Answers


5/20 CW: Learning Check 8.G.2

Test Review WS  


5/15 CW: 8.G.1 & 8.G.2 Day 2 Review  Key


5/14 CW: 8.G.1 & 8.G.2 Day 1 Review   Key

8.G.3 & 8.G.5 Day 1 Review w/ Key


5/13 CW: SBAC Testing


5/10 CW: 8.G.2 Day 3 Warm up

HW: 8.G.2 Day 3 Similarity 


5/9 CW: 8.G.2 Day 2 Practice

HW: period 5 8.G.2 HW

5/8 CW: 8.G.2 Day 1 Notes


5/7 CW: Mid Tri Grade Reflection


5/6 CW: Learning Check 8.G. 1


5/3 CW:  Constructions Day 5


5/2 CW: Practice Constructions

Notes for all Constructions


5/1 CW: Construct Translations


4/30 CW: Practice constructing reflections and rotations


4/29 CW: Construct Reflections and Rotations


4/26 CW: Learning Check


4/25 CW: 8.G.5 Practice


4/24 CW: Whiteboard Review


4/23 CW: Learning Check and Test Reflection

HW: Parallel Lines and Triangle angle sum


4/22 CW: 8.G.3 Learning Check


4/19 CW: 8.G.3 Review before learning check


4/18 CW: Rotation Notes

HW: Transformation day 4


4/17 CW: Dialation Notes

HW: Transformations day 3


4/16 CW: Reflection Day 2 Notes

HW: Reflection Packet


4/15 CW: Transformation on a Grid:




4/5 CW: Unit Test


4/4 CW: Review for Unit test Notes


4/3 CW: Volume Learning Check Reflection

HW: Volume Unit Review Day 1


3/27 - 4/2 CW: Ice Cream Project work time


3/26 CW: Ice Cream Projet Day 1

Ice Cream Project Check list


3/25 CW: Tri Final Test Reflection and Trimester Grade Reflection


3/22 CW: Volume Learning Check


3/21 CW: Volume application problems


3/20 CW: Volume Day 3 Notes


3/19 CW: Composite Figures Notes


3/18 CW: Volume formulas for Cylinder, cone, and sphere notes

HW: Volume WS

Khan Academy Videos for Systems Unit


3/15 Trimester Final Day 2


3/14 Trimester Final Day 1


3/13 CW: Trimester Final Review All Standards


3/12 CW: Tri 2 Review Systems

8.EE.8a Graphing

8.EE.8b & 8.EE.8c


3/11 CW: Tri 2 Review 8.EE.3-4

Extra: 8.EE.1 and 8.EE.3-4


3/8 CW: Laws of exponents


3/7 CW: District Assessment


3/6 CW: Tri Final Review Pythagoras


3/5 CW: Unit Test


3/4 CW: Review for Unit Test Day 2


3/1 CW: Learning Check Reflection

Review for Unit Test day 1


2/28 Learning Check


2/27 CW/HW: Mixed Word Problem Practice


2/26 CW: Systems Story Problems Day 2 Notes

HW: System of equations word problems


2/25 CW: Introduction to Solving systems of equations story problems


2/15 CW: Solve Systems Review before break


2/8 CW/HW: Solve systems using elimination day 2


2/7 CW: Solve systems using elimination notes

HW: Solve systems using elimination


2/6 CW: Period 5 only Solve Systems using elimination notes


2/1 CW: Proctice solving systems using substitution


1/31 CW/HW: Practice solving systems of equations using substitution


1/30 CW: Solve Systems using substitution notes


1/29 CW/HW: Solve systems by graphing and equality day 2


1/25 CW: Grade Reflection and Solve Systems by graphing and algebra notes

HW: Solve by graphing and algebra


1/24 CW: Test Reflection

Digger Day 3 Tables


1/23 CW: Digger Activity Day 2


1/22 CW: Digger Class Activity Day 1


1/18 CW: Graphing Lines Review Notes

Graphing Equations Review


Extra Help for Laws of Exponents


Khan Academy Video and practice

1/17 CW: Unit Test


1/16 CW/HW: Laws of Exponents and Scientific Notation Review Day 2


1/15 CW/HW: Laws of Exponents and Scientific Notation Review Day 1

1/14 CW: Learning Check


1/11 CW: Law of Exponents and Scientific Notation Review


1/10 CW/HW: Scientific Notation

Laws of exponents


1/9 CW: Operations with Scientific Notation Notes


1/8: CW: Learning Check Reflection

Scientific Notation Practice

1/7 CW:Scientific Notation Notes

HW: Scientific Notation and Laws of Exponents


1/4 CW: Learning Check


1/3 CW: LOE Whiteboard Practice


1/2 CW: LOE Notes

LOE Review after break


12/19 CW: Pythagoras Test Reflection


12/18 CW: Law of Exponents Practice


12/17 CW: Law of Exponents Notes


12/14 CW: Laws of Exponents Investigation


12/13 CW: Unit Test


12/12 CW: Whtieboard Review


12/11 CW/HW: Pythagoras Unit Review Day 2


12/10 CW: Test Review Notes

HW: Test Review



12/7 CW: Learning check reflection


12/6 CW: Learning Check

Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems Day 2


12/5 CW/HW: Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems


12/4 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems Day 1 Notes


12/3 CW: Find missing side and distance between two pts practice

Self-evaluation of WICCs (behaviors)

HW: None


11/30 CW: Trimester Grade Reflection


11/29 CW: Find distance between two points notes

HW: Find distance between two points

11/28 CW: Find missing side warmup and tri final test reflection

HW: Find missing side day 2


11/27 CW: Find missing side of right triangle notes


11/26 CW: Classify triangles using square of sides investigation notes


11/21 CW: Area and Side length practice


11/20 CW: Explore relationships between side lengths and squares notes


11/19 CW: Trimester Final


11/16 CW: Tri 1 Final Review   Answers


11/15 CW: 8.SP.4   Answers

Statistics Review


11/14 CW: Exit Ticket Response Key

8.SP.3 Review    Answers


11/13 CW Linear Review Notes

Linear Review with Answers

8.SP.2 Review


11/9 CW: 8.EE.5 Review     Answers

8.EE.7 Review     Answers


11/8 CW: 8.F.4 Trimester Review Notes

Word Problems


11/7 CW: Finish group task and start 8.F.4 Review


11/6 CW: Test Reflection

8.F.5 Group Task


11/5 CW/HW: Time Distance and Time/Speed Graph


11/2 CW 8.F.5 Day 2 Notes


11/1 CW:8.F.5 Notes

HW: 8.F.5 HW

Answers available in class


10/31 CW: 8.F.5 Graphing Stories Videos


10/30 Unit Test


10/29 CW: Practice Test



10/26 CW: 8.SP.4 Reflection

Test Review

8.SP.2 Review with Answers

8.SP.3 Review      Answers

8.SP.4 Review     Answers


10/2510/24 CW: 8.SP.2 and 8.SP.3 Reflection

Khan Academy Support

10/23 CW: 8.SP.4 Two Way Tables Day 2


10/22 CW: 8.SP.4 Two-Way Tables Day 1 notes

HW: Two Way Tables WS


10/19 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.3 and 8.SP.2


10/18 CW: 8.SP.3 and 8.SP.2 Practice


10/17 CW: 8.SP.3 Practice


10/16 CW: Interpret Best Fit Line Notes


10/15 CW: Test Reflection and Grade self assessment

Test Reflection and WICC reflection

Grading Rubric

Success Indicators Self Eval


10/12 CW: Line of Best Fit Day 3 Notes

CW/HW: Line of best fit day 3


10/11 CW: Writing Equations Notes

Writing Equations and best fit lines


10/10 CW: Finding equation of best fit lines notes


10/9 CW: Candle Burning Task Notes

Candle Burning Task WS


10/5 CW: Scatterplot Exploration


10/4 Unit Test


10/3 CW: Review for Unit Test


10/2 CW/HW: Review for test

8.F.4 Review     Answers

8.EE.5 Review    Answers

8.EE.7 Review with answers


10/1 CW: Learning Check 8.EE.7 and Seesaw reflection


9/28 CW: 8.EE.7 Solve equations practice with answers


9/27 CW: Solve equations both sides practice

HW: None


9/26 CW: Solve equations with variables on both sides notes

HW: On both sides with answers


9/25 CW/HW: Distribute and Solve Day 2



9/24 CW: Distribute and Solve Notes

Distribute and solve HW



9/21 CW: Learning Check Reflection and Seesaw post


9/20 CW: Learning Check


9/19 CW: Comparing Slopes WS

HW: None


9/18 CW/HW: Slope as rate of change



9/17 CW: Create graphs and table notes

HW: Create graphs and tables



9/14 CW: Find y-int and write equation

HW: slope, y-int, and write equations



9/13 CW: Find Slope Notes

HW: Find Slope Worksheet with answers


9/12 CW: Finish Poster

SeeSaw : Create accounts and complete first reflection activity


9/11 CW: Finish Linear Pattern Task and create team poster


9/10 Linear Pattern Task

Upside Down T

Penny Problem


9/7 Grading and Syllabus Discussion


9/6 Grading and Syllabus Discussion


9/5 CW: Color Personality Profile