1/28 CW: 8.EE.1 & 8.EE3-4 Check in

Mid Tri Grade Reflection


1/24 CW/HW: Scientific Notation Word Problems

1/23 CW/HW: Operations with Scientific Notation WS 2

1/22 CW: Operations with Scientific Notation Notes

HW: Operations with Scientific Notation


1/21 CW: Scientific Notation Notes

HW: Scientific Notation and LOE Practice


1/17 CW: Learning Check


1/16 CW: Law of Exponents Whiteboard Review


1/10 CW: Pythagoras Test Reflection

HW: LOE Integer Bases


1/9 CW/HW: LOE Power of Power


1/8 CW/HW: LOE Product & Quotient


1/7 CW/HW: LOE Product & Negative

LOE Quotient Rule - Due 1/9


Additional Worksheets:

LOE Power Rule - Due 1/10

LOE Two Laws

LOE Integer Bases - Due 1/13

1/6 CW: Law of exponents day 1

Helpful video


12/19 CW: Unit Test


12/18 CW: Whiteboard Review and Pythagorean Review with examples

Answers with work


12/17 CW: Review and Reflect on learning check in Seesaw

12/16 CW: Learning Check

HW: Pythagorean Theorem Review

12/12 CW/HW: Pythagorean Theorem Practice

Pythagorean Story Problems    Key

12/11 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems Notes

12/10 CW: Distance between points notes

HW: Distance between points

12/9 CW: Find Missing Side Notes

HW: Pythagorean Theorem WS 1    Key

12/6 CW: Inv 3.1 Notes

12/5 CW: Pythagoras Inv 2.1 Notes


12/4 CW: Trimester Final Reflection on Seesaw


12/3 CW: Distance time graphs day 2


12/2 CW: Distance time graphs day 1


11/26 CW: Trimester Final


11/25 CW: Last Review for Final   Key


11/22 CW Trimester 1 Review for Final    


11/21 CW: Trimester 1 Review All Standards     Key


11/20 CW: Linear Entrance Ticket    Key

Tri Final Exit Ticket Response     Key


11/19 CW: 8.SP.3 Review    Key

8.SP.4 Review      Key


11/18 CW: TWMM Test Reflection Seesaw Activity

Trimester Tracking Reflection Seesaw Activity

8.SP.2 Review WS


11/15 CW: 8.EE.7 Review or Khan Academy


11/14 CW: Review Worksheets or Khan Academy Join Class

8.EE.5 Review WS 1  Key

8.EE.5 Review WS 2 with Key

Linear Review with Key  

11/13 CW: 8.F.4 Review Notes


11/12 CW: Unit Test


11/8 CW: Unit Review

8.SP.2      Key

8.SP.3      Key

8.SP.4      Key


11/7 CW: 8.SP.4 Two Way Table Review


11/6 CW: 8.SP.3 Review Notes


11/5 CW: Reflection 8.SP.4 Learning Check

HW: 8.SP.2 Parts Practice


11/4 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.4

HW: 8.SP.2 & 8.SP.3 Review


10/31 - 11/1 CW: Two Way Table Task

Avenger Endgame Scatterplot

8.SP.4 Two Way Task Day 4

10/30 CW: Two way Tables day 2 notes

HW: None


10/29 CW: Two Way Tables Day 1 Notes

Two way tables worksheet 16 - 18


10/28 CW: Learning Check Reflection

Learning Check practice ws


10/25 Learning Check


10/24 CW: Independent Practice Instructions

8.SP.2 & 8.SP.3 Practice


10/23 CW: 8.SP.3 Day 2 Notes

HW: 8.SP.3 Classwork


10/22 CW: 8.SP.3 Day 1 Notes


10/21 CW/HW: Review and Scatterplot Practice


10/18 CW/HW: Equation from two points and scatter plots

10/17 CW: 8.SP.2 Line of best fit day 1 notes

HW: Finish Classwork Scatterplot

Video: Writing equations from two points

10/16 CW: Candle Burning 3 Act Math Task


10/15 CW: Test Reflection & WICC Reflection

10/11 CW: Scatter plot exploration

Khan Academy Videos


10/10 CW: Unit Test


10/9 CW: Whiteboard Review


10/8 CW: Unit Review Packet



10/7 CW: Learning Check Reflection

Review for unit test:

8.EE7 Unit Review

8.F.4 Writing Equations Practice  Answers


10/4 CW: Learning Check 8.EE.7


10/3 CW: Whiteboard practice solving equations answers

HW: On both sides with answers


10/2 CW: Solve equations with variables on both sides

HW: None

Video examples


10/1 CW: Distribute and Solve Day 2 Notes

HW: Distribute and Solve Day 2



9/30 CW: Distribute and Solve Notes

HW: Distribute and Solve WS


Video Help


9/27 CW: Learning Check Reflection

Solving one & two step equation notes


9/26 CW: Learning Check 8.F.4 and 8.EE.5

9/25 CW: Practice Graphing Lines

Introduction to solving equations

Video on solving multi-step equations

Video on solving two step equations

9/24 CW: Graphing slope intercept form

Video example

9/23 CW: 8.F.4 Writing Equations Choice

Worksheet Practice with answers

Desmos Activity


9/20 CW: Comparing Slopes Notes


9/19 CW: Write equations and graph linear relationships day 1 notes

HW: Slide #4


9/18 CW: Slope as rate of change

9/17 CW: Create tables from equations and graph lines notes

HW: Create tables from equations and graph lines practice


9/16 CW: Desmos discussion

8.F.4 Write equations and graph lines notes


9/13 CW: Desmos: Match my line activity


9/12 CW: Find Y int and write equations notes

Videos: Writing equations from a graph

Writing equation from a table

Writing equation from two points

HW: Practice writing equations



9/11 CW: Find slope from table and graph notes

HW: Optional Practice finding slope


9/10 CW: Seesaw Posts (p3), Desmos: Put Points on a line (slope)


9/9 CW: Finish Friday's group task and gallery walk, Reflect on learning, log into laptops if forms received


9/6 CW: Penny Problem

Upside down T pattern


9/5 CW: Syllabus due 9/13, Laptop rules, TRI 1 Learning Tracking

HW: Complete and return forms


9/4 CW: Color Personality Survey, Student interest survey

HW: None