Essential Learning From 4/20 to end of year

CC8 Grading Update

Distance Learning Expectations


Week of 6/15 - 6/19

Video Message

Week of 6/8 - 6/12

Video Message

Volume Activities #1

Volume Activities #2

Volume Activities #3


Week of 6/1 - 6/5

Laws of Exponents

Product and Quotient Rule

Power Rule

Negative and Zero Exponents


Weekly Update 5/26 - 5/29

Video Message - Example done

Catch up week

Get caught up on activities that have not been started or have been sent back to you!


Weekly Update 5/18 - 5/22

5/18 Stacking Cups (Seesaw)

5/20 Music Industry Revenue (Seesaw)

5/22 Talking is Cheap (Seesaw)

Weekly Update 5/11 - 5/15 Video

5/11 Summer Swimming (Seesaw)

5/13 Summer Jobs (Seesaw)

5/15 Weekly Reflection (Seesaw)

Weekly Update for 5/4 - 5/8

Catch up week. Go back into Seesaw actvities and finish activities that have been sent back to you.

Weekly Updates for 4/27 - 5/1

5/1 Weekly Check in for 5/1 (Seesaw)


4/29 - 4/30 Crazy Taxi (Seesaw)


4/27 - 4/28 Growth Pattern #3 (Seesaw)


4/24 Seesaw Activity - Weekly Checkin/Reflection


4/22 & 4/23 Seesaw Activity - Growing Pattern


4/20 & 4/21 Seesaw Activity (Writing Linear Expressions - Tiling a Patio)


Review Material during school closure

4/7 Khan Academy

1. Graphing Proportional Relationships Lesson

2. Slope Lesson

4/6 Seesaw Activity Explain your learning

3/30 Seesaw activity for those that have not done it yet!

New material will be taught soon!

Continue review work on Khan Academy

3/23 Seesaw assigned activity and See email with link to Khan Academy review content

Review for Tri 2 Final

3/12 CW/HW: Tri 2 Review Systems 8.EE.8


3/11 CW: Systems Test Reflection


3/10 CW: Scientific Notation Notes

8.EE.3-4 Review

3/9 CW: 8.EE.1 Law of Exponents Review

3/6: Pythagorean Theorem

8.G.7 Review

8.G.8 Review


Systems of Equations Videos

Graphing Systems of Equations

Solving Systems of Equations using Substitution

Solving Systems of Equations using Elimination

Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems

Systems of Equations Worksheets

Solve using Elimination Day 1

Solve using Elimination Day 2

Solve Systems Story Problems

Solve Systems Test Review Day 1

Solve Systems Test Review Day 2

3/5 CW: Systems Unit Test


3/4 CW: Test Review


3/3 CW: Mixed Word problem Notes

Mixed Word Problem Practice

Test Review Day 2


3/2 CW: Learning Check Seesaw Reflection

Test Review Day 1


2/28 CW: Systems Learning Check


2/27 CW: Warm up all standards

Continue working on worksheets


2/26 CW: Solve Systems Story Problems


2/25 CW/HW: Solve Systems using Elimination Day 2


2/24 CW/HW: Video Review of Solving Systems

 Solve Systems using Elimination Day 1


2/14 CW: Solve Systems using Elimination Notes


2/13 CW: Practice solving systems self directed


2/12 CW: Solve Systems Warm up

Solve systems using substitution day 2


2/11 CW: District Common Assessment


2/10 CW: Solve Systems using substitution warm up

HW: Solve systems using substitution


2/7 CW: Solve Systems using substitution notes


2/6 CW/HW: Solve Systems by graphing and equality day 2


2/5 CW: Graphing and Solving Systems of Equations Notes

HW: Back side of Graphing and Solving Systems of equations


2/4 CW: Graphing Equations Review

HW: Front side of Graphing and Solving

2/3 CW: Desmos Activity

1/31 CW Unit Test1/30 CW: Test Review


1/28 & 1/29 CW: 8.EE.1 & 8.EE3-4 Check in Mid Tri Grade Reflection


1/24 CW/HW: Scientific Notation Word Problems

1/23 CW/HW: Operations with Scientific Notation WS 2

1/22 CW: Operations with Scientific Notation Notes

HW: Operations with Scientific Notation


1/21 CW: Scientific Notation Notes

HW: Scientific Notation and LOE Practice


1/17 CW: Learning Check


1/16 CW: Law of Exponents Whiteboard Review


1/10 CW: Pythagoras Test Reflection

HW: LOE Integer Bases


1/9 CW/HW: LOE Power of Power


1/8 CW/HW: LOE Product & Quotient


1/7 CW/HW: LOE Product & Negative

LOE Quotient Rule - Due 1/9


Additional Worksheets:

LOE Power Rule - Due 1/10

LOE Two Laws

LOE Integer Bases - Due 1/13

1/6 CW: Law of exponents day 1

Helpful video


12/19 CW: Unit Test


12/18 CW: Whiteboard Review and Pythagorean Review with examples

Answers with work


12/17 CW: Review and Reflect on learning check in Seesaw

12/16 CW: Learning Check

HW: Pythagorean Theorem Review

12/12 CW/HW: Pythagorean Theorem Practice

Pythagorean Story Problems    Key

12/11 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems Notes

12/10 CW: Distance between points notes

HW: Distance between points

12/9 CW: Find Missing Side Notes

HW: Pythagorean Theorem WS 1    Key

12/6 CW: Inv 3.1 Notes

12/5 CW: Pythagoras Inv 2.1 Notes


12/4 CW: Trimester Final Reflection on Seesaw


12/3 CW: Distance time graphs day 2


12/2 CW: Distance time graphs day 1


11/26 CW: Trimester Final


11/25 CW: Last Review for Final   Key


11/22 CW Trimester 1 Review for Final    


11/21 CW: Trimester 1 Review All Standards     Key


11/20 CW: Linear Entrance Ticket    Key

Tri Final Exit Ticket Response     Key


11/19 CW: 8.SP.3 Review    Key

8.SP.4 Review      Key


11/18 CW: TWMM Test Reflection Seesaw Activity

Trimester Tracking Reflection Seesaw Activity

8.SP.2 Review WS


11/15 CW: 8.EE.7 Review or Khan Academy


11/14 CW: Review Worksheets or Khan Academy Join Class

8.EE.5 Review WS 1  Key

8.EE.5 Review WS 2 with Key

Linear Review with Key  

11/13 CW: 8.F.4 Review Notes


11/12 CW: Unit Test


11/8 CW: Unit Review

8.SP.2      Key

8.SP.3      Key

8.SP.4      Key


11/7 CW: 8.SP.4 Two Way Table Review


11/6 CW: 8.SP.3 Review Notes


11/5 CW: Reflection 8.SP.4 Learning Check

HW: 8.SP.2 Parts Practice


11/4 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.4

HW: 8.SP.2 & 8.SP.3 Review


10/31 - 11/1 CW: Two Way Table Task

Avenger Endgame Scatterplot

8.SP.4 Two Way Task Day 4

10/30 CW: Two way Tables day 2 notes

HW: None


10/29 CW: Two Way Tables Day 1 Notes

Two way tables worksheet 16 - 18


10/28 CW: Learning Check Reflection

Learning Check practice ws


10/25 Learning Check


10/24 CW: Independent Practice Instructions

8.SP.2 & 8.SP.3 Practice


10/23 CW: 8.SP.3 Day 2 Notes

HW: 8.SP.3 Classwork


10/22 CW: 8.SP.3 Day 1 Notes


10/21 CW/HW: Review and Scatterplot Practice


10/18 CW/HW: Equation from two points and scatter plots

10/17 CW: 8.SP.2 Line of best fit day 1 notes

HW: Finish Classwork Scatterplot

Video: Writing equations from two points

10/16 CW: Candle Burning 3 Act Math Task


10/15 CW: Test Reflection & WICC Reflection

10/11 CW: Scatter plot exploration

Khan Academy Videos


10/10 CW: Unit Test


10/9 CW: Whiteboard Review


10/8 CW: Unit Review Packet



10/7 CW: Learning Check Reflection

Review for unit test:

8.EE7 Unit Review

8.F.4 Writing Equations Practice  Answers


10/4 CW: Learning Check 8.EE.7


10/3 CW: Whiteboard practice solving equations answers

HW: On both sides with answers


10/2 CW: Solve equations with variables on both sides

HW: None

Video examples


10/1 CW: Distribute and Solve Day 2 Notes

HW: Distribute and Solve Day 2



9/30 CW: Distribute and Solve Notes

HW: Distribute and Solve WS


Video Help


9/27 CW: Learning Check Reflection

Solving one & two step equation notes


9/26 CW: Learning Check 8.F.4 and 8.EE.5

9/25 CW: Practice Graphing Lines

Introduction to solving equations

Video on solving multi-step equations

Video on solving two step equations

9/24 CW: Graphing slope intercept form

Video example

9/23 CW: 8.F.4 Writing Equations Choice

Worksheet Practice with answers

Desmos Activity


9/20 CW: Comparing Slopes Notes


9/19 CW: Write equations and graph linear relationships day 1 notes

HW: Slide #4


9/18 CW: Slope as rate of change

9/17 CW: Create tables from equations and graph lines notes

HW: Create tables from equations and graph lines practice


9/16 CW: Desmos discussion

8.F.4 Write equations and graph lines notes


9/13 CW: Desmos: Match my line activity


9/12 CW: Find Y int and write equations notes

Videos: Writing equations from a graph

Writing equation from a table

Writing equation from two points

HW: Practice writing equations



9/11 CW: Find slope from table and graph notes

HW: Optional Practice finding slope


9/10 CW: Seesaw Posts (p3), Desmos: Put Points on a line (slope)


9/9 CW: Finish Friday's group task and gallery walk, Reflect on learning, log into laptops if forms received


9/6 CW: Penny Problem

Upside down T pattern


9/5 CW: Syllabus due 9/13, Laptop rules, TRI 1 Learning Tracking

HW: Complete and return forms


9/4 CW: Color Personality Survey, Student interest survey

HW: None

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