CC8/Algebra Calendar

6/9 Review

Practice Final      Answers


6/8 Review

A.REI.4b and F.IF.8    Answers

A.REI2 with Answers

F.IF.1 and F.IF.2     Answers

6/7 Review

Quadratics Part 1 Review    Answers

F.IF.8 with Answers

F.IF.8a Features   Answers

6/6 CW/HW: Exponential Review



6/5 CW: Functions Unit Test


6/2 CW/HW: Functions Unit Review

Answer Key

6/1 CW: Domain and Range Whiteboard Review

5/31 CW: Evaluate Functions, Solve Radicals and Absolute Value Equations


5/30 CW: Functions Learning Check


5/26 CW: Domain and Range Matching Activity

HW: Domain and Range


5/25 CW: Domain and Range Notes

HW: Domain and range day 2


5/24 CW: Solving Absolute value & radical equations practice


5/23 CW: Solve Absolute Value Equations Notes

HW: Solve Absolute Value



5/22 CW Solve Radical Equation Notes

HW: Solve Radical Equations Day 1


5/19 CW: Evaluate Composite Functions


5/18 CW: Functions Introduction Notes

HW: Functions Day 2, Evaluating Functions


5/17 CW: Partner Quiz

5/5 - 5/16 CW/HW:

Answer Keys: Day 1,  Day 2, Day 3,  Day 4

Day 1: Reflection of points on Grid

Day 2: Translate and Reflect

Day 3: Stretching and Shrinking

Day 4: Stretching and Thinking Practice

5/4 CW: Test


5/3 CW: Test Review


5/2 CW/HW: Quadratics Part 2 Reveiw Day 1 WS



5/1 CW: Learning Check


4/28 CW: Quadratic Story Problem

HW: Quadratic Formula and Story Problems



4/27 CW: Quadratic Story Problems Notes

HW: Quadratic Story Problems Day 1



4/26: CW: Solving Quadratic Equation practice


4/25 CW: Quadratic Formula Notes

HW: Solve Quadratics using Quadratic Formula


4/24 CW: Using Zero Product Property Notes

HW: Using ZPP to solve quadratics


4/21 CW: Unit Test Quadratics Part 1

4/20 CW: Unit Review Day 4


4/19 CW: Unit Test Review

HW: F.IF.7a Practice



4/18 CW: Looking closer at Parabolas Task


4/17 CW/HW: Quadratic Test Review Day 2



4/6 CW: Extended Factoring Practice


4/5 CW: correct learning check

HW: Response to learning check



4/4 CW: Learning Check


4/3 CW: Quadratics Unit Review Day 1



3/31 CW: Extended Factoring Notes

HW: Extended Factoring Day 1


3/30 CW: Features Warm up


3/29 CW/HW: Features Practice Day 2


3/28 CW: Features of Parabolas notes


3/27 CW: Multiply polynomial and factoring practice


3/24 CW: Factoring Quadratics Notes

HW: Factoring with GCF and Multiplying  Polynomials


3/23 CW: Multiply Binomials notes

HW: Multiply Binomials


3/22 CW: Graph Quadratic Assignment


3/21 CW: Parabola Investigation

3/20 CW: Quadratic Investigation



3/17 CW/HW: Graphing Functions Practice

3/16 CW: Unit Test


3/15 CW: Test Review



3/14 CW: Learning Check


3/13 CW: Exponential growth and decay story problems

3/10 CW: Exponential Decay graph

HW: Exponential growth and decay packet


3/9 CW: Exponential Decay Notes



3/8 CW: Explore exponential Functions


3/7 CW: Trimester Final


3/6 CW: Review for Trimester Final


3/2-3/3 CW: Review for Trimester Final


3/1 CW: Growth Factor to Growth Rate Notes

HW: Growth Factor and Growth Rate Practice


2/27-2/28 CW: Exponential Growth Task


2/17 CW: Exponential Growth Notes


2/16 CW: LOE Partner Quiz


2/15 CW: LOE Day 6 Review


2/14 CW: Laws of exponents learning check


2/13 CW/HW: Two and Three Laws


2/10 CW: Whiteboard Practice

HW: LOE Two Laws


2/9 CW: LOE Notes Day 2

HW: LOE Day 2


2/8 CW: Law of Exponents Day 1 Notes    Practice  

2/3 CW: Unit Test


2/2 CW: Whiteboard Review


2/1 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Learning Check


1/31 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Review Day 1


1/27 CW: Story Problem Practice

HW: Pythagoras Review


1/26 HW: Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems      Answers


1/25 CW/HW: Pythagorean Theorem Practice

1/24 CW: Pythagoras Investigation, Distance between two points, find missing side notes


1/23 CW: Pythagoras Investigation


1/20 CW: Partner Test Operations with Radicals


1/19 CW: Operations with Radicals Whiteboard Reviw


1/18 CW: Learning Check Operations with Radicals


1/17 CW: Operations with Radicals Review


1/13 CW: District Post Assessment


1/12 CW: Mixed Practice with Radical Operations


1/11 CW: Divide Radicals

Answers with work


1/10 CW: Divide Radicals Notes

1/9 CW: Multiply Radicals Notes

HW: Multiply Radicals


1/6  CW/HW: Add and Subtract Radicals Choice


1/5 CW: Add & Subtract Radicals notes

HW: Add & Subtract Radicals Day 1


1/4 CW: Simplify Radicals Day 2 Notes


1/3 CW: Simplify Radicals Notes

HW: Simplify Radicals Day 1


12/16 CW: Unit Test


12/15 CW: Inequality Matching Activity


12/14 CW/HW: Inequality Unit Review


12/13 CW: Learning Check System of inequalities

HW: System of inequalities day 3


12/12 CW: Inequality Group Task


12/9 CW: P320 Investigation

HW: p 324: 1-3, 5, 7


12/8 CW: Graph Systems of Inequalities Notes

HW: Graph Systems of Inequalities


12/7 CW: Learning Check (Inequalities)


12/6 CW: Graph linear inequalities and solve and graph inequalities


12/5 CW: Graph linear inequalities on grid notes

HW: Graph linear inequalities on grid


12/1 CW: Solve and graph inequalties notes


11/30 CW: Inequalities Investigation



11/29 CW: Trimester Final


11/28 CW: Tri 1 Final Review


11/23 CW: Systems of equations


11/22 CW: Proportion word problems answers


11/21 CW: Review for trimester final

Dim Analysis      Answers

Proportions       Answers

Direct/Inverse Variation   Answers


11/17 CW: Review for unit test


11/16 CW: Solve Systems Test Review Day 1


11/15 CW: Learning Check (Apply systems to story problems)


11/14 CW: Story Problem Group Task

HW: None


11/10 CW: Solving System word problems practice

HW: None


11/9 CW/HW: Using systems word problems



11/8 CW: Intro to system word problems

HW: System Word Problems Day 1


11/7 CW: Learning Check Systems of equations graphing and solving


11/4 CW: Solve Systems all methods practice

HW: None


11/3 CW/HW: Solve Systems all methods


11/2 CW/HW: Solve using elimination day 2

11/1 CW: Solve by elimination notes

HW: Solve using substitution and elimination


10/31 CW: Solve by substitution day 2 notes


10/28 CW: Solve by substitution notes

HW: Solve Systems using substitution


10/27 CW: Solve systems by graphing and equality (substitution) Notes

HW: Solve systems by equality


10/26 CW/HW: Rewrite Equations WS


10/25 CW: Unit Test


10/24 CW: Whiteboard Review


10/21 CW: Unit Test Review

Answer Key


10/20 CW: Learning Check Direct and Inverse Variation

HW: Proportion and Dimensional Analysis Review

Answer Key

Response to Learning Check with Answer Key

10/19 CW: Direct and Inverse Revew Notes

HW: Direct and Inverse Applications

Answer Key


10/18 CW/HW: Inverse variation day 2



10/17 CW Inverse variation investigation notes


10/14 CW: Direct Variation Word Problems


10/13 CW: Direct Variation Investigation and Notes

Direct Variation Practice


10/12 CW: Response to Learning Check NQ1 


10/11 CW: Learning Check NQ1 Proportions and Dimensional Analysis


10/7 CW: Making Fudge



10/6 CW: Dimesional Analysis Notes

HW: Dimensional Analysis HW



10/5 CW: Investigation 2.2 cont

HW: None

10/4 CW: Investigation 2.2

HW: None


10/3 CW: Investigation 2.1

HW: p100: 5, 6, 8, 10



9/30 CW: Partner Quiz


9/29 CW: Review Worksheets


9/28 CW: Dominos Problem


9/27 CW/HW: Write Equations Review


9/26 CW/HW: Solve Equations Choice with Answers


9/23 CW: Solve multi-step equations notes

HW: Solve multi-step equations with answers


9/22 CW: Solve two step equation notes

HW: Solve two step equations with answers


9/21 CW/HW: 8.EE.5 Compare Rates 


9/20 CW: Write equations practice day 2


9/19 CW: Write Equations Warm up

HW: 8.F.4 Write Linear Equations Review with Answers


9/15-16 CW: Stained Glass Window Task Part 2


9/14 CW: Stained Glass Window Task


9/13 CW: Writing and graphing linear equations


9/12 CW: Lynx Coffee House


9/9 CW: Review writing equations of lines


9/8 CW: Syllabus Discussion (Signed Syllabus due back by Fri Sept 16)


9/7 CW: Growth Mindset, Squares in rectangles exploration


9/6 CW: District Pre-assessment


9/2 Growth Mindset Activity

9/1 Color Personality Profile

Getting to know you questionaire