CC8/Algebra Calendar

6/11 - 6/12 CW: Trimester Finals


6/5 - 6/8 Review for Finals

Practice Test     Answers

F.IF.1 Domain and Range   Answers

F.IF.2 Evaluate Function   Answers

A.REI.2 Solve Abs Value and Radicals

A.REI.4b Solve Quadratics with Answers

F.IF.8a Story Probs      Answers

F.IF.7a    Answers

F.IF.8 Equivalent Forms w/Answers

F.IF.8a Features    Answers


6/4 CW: Functions Unit Test


6/1 CW: Test Review Day 3

A.REI.2 Review Day 3


5/31 CW/HW: Test Review Day 2



5/30 CW: Whiteboard Review of Salving Functions, Domain and Range


5/29 CW: Learning Check

Evaluate Functions Review


5/24 CW: Domain and Range Practice

WS 1

WS 2


5/23 CW/HW: Domain and Range Day 2


5/22 CW: Domain and Range notes

HW: Domain and Range    Answers


5/21 CW/HW: Absolute Value and Radical Equations Review


5/18 CW: Solving Radical Equations Notes

HW: Solving Radical Equations



5/17 CW: Solve Absolute Value Notes

Solve Abs Value Equations   Answers



5/16 CW: Functions Intro   Answers

Evaluate Functions with Answers


5/15 CW: Transformation Partner Quiz


5/14 Transformations of Functions Review



SBAC Testing

5/7 - 5/10

WS 4 Vertical Stretch and Compress


WS 3 Translate and Reflect


WS 2: Stretching and Shrinking Practice



5/4 CW: Reflecting and Translating Functions



5/3 CW: Systems with Quadratic and Linear Investigation



4/30 - 5/2 CW: SBAC Review

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


4/27 CW: Unit Test


4/26 CW: Quadratic Test Review



4/25 CW: Quadratics Part 2 Unit Review



4/24 CW: Learning Check


4/23 CW: Quadratic Word Problem Day 3     Answers

Solve Quadratic Equation Practice 


4/20 CW/HW: Quadratic Formula and Story Problems


4/19 CW: Quadratic Story Problem Notes


4/18 CW/HW: Solve Quadratic Equation Mixed Practice


4/17 CW: Quadratic Formula Notes

HW: Quadratic Formula Practice


4/16 CW: Using Zero Product Property to solve quadratics notes

HW: Using ZPP


4/4 - 4/5 CW: Looking Closer at parabolas group task


4/3 CW: Unit Test


4/2 CW: Review for test

F.IF.7a Review with Answers

F.IF.8 Review with Answers

All Standards Review    Answers


3/30 CW/HW: Unit Review



3/29 CW: Learning Check


3/28 CW: Unit Review Day 1



3/27 CW: Whiteboard Factoring Review


3/26 CW/HW: Extended Factoring Day 2


3/22 CW: Extended Factoring Notes

HW: Extended Factoring    Answers


3/21 CW: Find Features Review


3/20 CW/HW: Find Feature Day 2



3/19 CW: Features of Parabolas Notes


3/16: Factoring Quadratics Practice


3/15 CW: Factoring Polynomials Notes

HW: Factoring Polynomials


3/14 CW: Multiply Polynomials Notes

Multiply Polynomials practice


3/13 CW: Explore Quadratic Graph Transformations


3/12 CW: Quadratic Investigation Notes

Quadratic Practice


3/5 - 3/9 CW: Zombie Apocolypse Project


3/1 - 3/2 CW: Trimester Final Day 1 & 2


2/28 CW: Whiteboard Review


2/27 CW: Exponential Growth and Decy Review


2/26 CW/HW: Study for finals

8.EE.1 LOE

8.G.7 Pythagorean Theorem


2/16 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Review


2/15 CW: Unit Test


2/14 CW: Test Review


2/13 CW/HW: Exponential Relationships Review Part 2



2/12 CW: LOE Warm up

HW: LOE Choice


2/8 CW: Exp Growth and Decay Review    Answers with work

LOE Test Review Day 1

Answers with work


2/7 CW/HW: Exponential Growth and Decay Word Problems


2/6 CW: Exponential Decay Notes

HW: Exponential Decay Word Problems



2/5 CW: Exponential Growth Rate Notes

HW: Exponential Growth Rate and Growth Factor


2/2 CW: Exponential Growth tables and graphs

HW: Exponential Growth Day 4 HW



2/1 CW: Exponential Growth Notes Day 3

HW: Exponential Growth and Growth Factor - Answers available in class

Video - Intro to exponential growth and decay


1/31 CW: Kingdom of Montarek day 2


1/30 CW: Exponential Growth Investigation HW Problem

Kingdom of Montarek


1/26 CW: Learning Check Laws of Exponents


1/25 CW: LOE Whiteboard practice


1/24 CW/HW: LOE Day 3 Two Laws


1/23 CW: LOE Two Laws Notes

HW: LOE Two Laws Practice


1/22 CW: LOE Notes

HW: None


1/19 CW: Laws of Exponents Investigation

HW: None


1/18 CW: District Assessment

HW: None


1/17 CW/HW: District Assessment Review

Linear Forms

Linear Algebra

Systems Unit Review 2


1/16 CW: Unit Test


1/12 CW: Whiteboard Review


1/11 CW: Unit Review Day 2


1/10 CW/HW: Pythagorean Theorem Unit Review Day 1


1/9 CW: Learning Check


1/8 CW/HW: Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems


1/5 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems Notes

HW: Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems



1/4 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Day 3 Notes

HW: Pythagorean Theorem Day 3


1/3 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Day 2 Notes

HW: Pythagorean Theorem Day 2


1/2 CW: Pythagorean Theorem Investigation


12/19 CW: Arithmetic Sequence Notes

HW: Arithmetic Sequences


12/18 CW: Arithmetic Sequence Investigation

HW: None

Video: Arithmetic Sequences


12/15 CW: Team Test


12/14 CW: Whiteboard Review


12/13 CW: Operations with Radicals Review


12/12 CW: Division of Radicals Review


12/11 CW: Group Learning Check


12/7 CW/HW: Operations with Radicals Day 4


12/6 CW: Division of Radicals Notes

HW: None


12/5 CW: Multiplication of radicals notes

HW: Operations with Radicals Day 2


12/4 CW: Operations with Radicals Day 1 Notes

HW: Operations with Radicals Day 1

11/30 - 12/1 Trimester Finals

11/22 & 11/27-29 Review for Trimester Final  Practice Test

NQ1 Dimensional Analysis   Answers

NQ1 Proportions   Answers

A.REI,3 Solve Equations with answers

A.CED.1 Write and Solve with answers

A.CED.A2 F.IF.8 Linear Forms with Answers

8.EE.8a Graph Systems

8.EE.8b Solve Systems

8.EE.8c Apply Systems

A.REI.3 Solve & graph inequalities

A.REI12 Graph Linear Inequalities

A.REI.12 Graph System of Inequalities


11/21 CW: Inequalities Unit Test


11/20 CW: Inequalities Test Review

11/17 CW: Inequality Group Task


11/16 CW: Learning Check

HW: Review after learning check


11/15 CW: Inequality Story Problems

HW: None


11/14 CW/HW: Investigation Systems of Inequalities



11/13 CW: Graph System of Linear Inequalities Notes

HW: Graph System of Linear Inequalities

11/9 CW: Graph Linear Inequalities Notes

HW: Graph Linear Inequalities


11/8 CW: Inequalities on number line notes

HW: Inequalities on number line


11/7 CW: Systems Unit Test


11/6 CW: Review Worksheets

System Story Problems    Answers

Solve Systems with Answers

Graph Systems with Answers


11/3 CW: Story Problems Task

HW: Optional Worksheets

Solving Systems    Graphing Systems Story Problems


11/2 CW: Systems Learning Check


11/1 CW/HW: Digger Task

Video Hint


10/31 CW/HW: Systems of equations word problems part 2



10/30 CW/HW: All Systems Review with answers


10/27 CW: Elimination Warm up

HW: Elimination Practice with answers


10/26 CW: Solve Systems by Elimination Notes

Video: Solve Systems by Elimination

HW: None

10/25 CW/HW: Substitution Practice HW



10/24 CW: Solve systems by substitution day 2 notes


Solve systems by substitution


10/20 CW: Solve systems by graphing and substitution notes


Solve systems by graphing

HW: Solve systems by graphing and substitution


10/19 CW: Unit Test


10/18 CW: Whiteboard Review


10/17 CW: Unit Review


10/16 CW: Learning Check


10/13 CW: Warm up p81: 20-27

HW: p83-85 Topic Review



10/12 CW: 2.4 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Notes

HW: 2.4 Practice



Parallel Lines

Perpendicular Lines


10/11 CW: How Tall is Tall Task

HW: Rewriting Equations with answers


10/10 CW: 2.3 Standard Form Day 2

HW: None


10/9 CW: 2.3 Standard Form Notes


Write equations in standard form

Graph equations in standard form

HW: 2-3 Standard Form Practice



10/6 CW: 2.2 Point Slope Form Day 2 Notes

HW: None, if struggling with classwork logon to the online book and do practice problems.


10/5 CW: 2.2 Point Slope Form


Write equation with a point and slope

Write equation with two points

HW: 2.2 Point Slope Form Practice



10/4 CW/HW: 2.1 Slope Intercept Form Practice



10/3 CW: Slope intercept form day 1 notes

HW: None


10/2 Unit Pre-assessment


9/29 CW: Unit Test


9/28 CW: Whiteboard Review


9/27 CW: Unit 1 Review

Answers with work


9/26 CW: Writing and Solving Equations



9/25 CW: Dimensional Analysis Review



9/22 CW: Learning Check


9/21 CW/HW: Solve Multi-step equations with answers

Proportion word problems review



9/20 CW/HW: Dimensional Analysis Practice



9/19 CW: Dimensional Analysis Notes

HW: None


9/18 CW: Solve Proportions Notes

HW: Proportion Word Problems



9/15 CW: 2.4 Lesson Notes

HW: 2.4 Practice problems (choose at least 10 problems)



9/14 2.2 & 2.3 Modeling solving one and two step equations


9/13 2.1 Writing equations Notes

2.1 Writing Equations Practice



9/12 Pre-assessment Discussion

Pre-assessment Review with Answers


9/11 Pre-assessment


9/8 Syllabus Discussion


9/7 Toothpick Square Task


9/6 Color Personality Profile Activity

Getting to know you survey

Envision Algebra Pilot