CC8 Calendar

6/5 - 6/6 CW: Trimester Final


6/2 CW/HW: 8.G.3 and 8.G.5 Review


6/1 CW: 8.G.1 and 8.G.2 Review


5/31 CW: 8.G.9 Review


5/30 CW: 8.EE.8c Review

HW: 8.EE.8c Review


5/26 CW: 8.EE.8a and 8.EE.8b Notes


HW: Review for Tri Final

8.EE.8a and 8.EE.8b


5/25 CW: Transformation Unit Test


5/23 - 5/24 CW/HW: Review for unit test

8.G.1 & 8.G.2



5/22 CW: 8.G.5 Learning Check


5/18 - 5/19 CW: Review 8.G.2, 8.G.3, 8,G.5

8.G.1 Transformation Review

Butterflies Review


5/17 CW: 8.G.5 Practice


5/16 CW: 8.G.5 Parallel Lines and Triangle Angle Sum Notes

HW: Triangle Angle Sum and Parallel Lines with Transversal


5/15 CW: 8.G.3 Response to LC


5/11 CW: Learning Check 8.G.3


5/10 CW: 8.G.3 Skills Check

5/8 - 5/9 CW/HW: 8.G.3 Review all transformations on Grid


5/5  CW: Inv 3.3

HW: Inv 3.3 #6-7

5/4 CW: Inv 3.1

HW: Inv 3.1 # 1-3


5/3 CW: 8.G.2 Response to Learning Check, Translation on Grid Practice


5/2 CW: Learning Check, Inv 3.2 Notes

5/1 CW: Congruent, Similar Figures Practice

4/28 CW: Similar Figures Worksheet


4/27 CW: 8.G.1 Entrance Ticket, Inv 4.2 Notes


4/26 CW: Inv 4.1 Notes


4/25 CW: 8.G.1 Construct Transformations Practice

4/24 CW: Investigation 2.2 Notes

4/21 CW: Learning Check 8.G.1


4/20 CW: Inv 1.4


4/19 CW: Translation Practice


4/18 CW: Inv 1.3


4/17 CW: Reflection and Rotation Practice Day 2


4/6 CW: Reflection and rotation Practice


4/5 CW: Properties of reflection

HW: None


4/4 CW: Unit Test


4/3 CW/HW: Volume Test Review



3/28 - 3/31 Ice Cream Store Project


3/27 CW: Learning Check Volume


3/24 CW: Volume story problems


3/23 CW: Discover formulas for cone and spheres

HW: Volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres


3/22 CW: Discover volume of cylinder problem solving


3/21 CW: Systems Unit Test


3/20 CW: Systems Unit Review Day 2

Answers with work


3/17 CW: Systems Unit Review Day 1


3/16 CW: Ditch Digger Task


3/15 CW: Two Lane Road Task


3/14 CW: Systems Story Problems


3/13 CW: All Systems Review


3/10 CW: Trimester Final


3/8-3/9 CW/HW: Review for Trimester Final

8.EE.1 Law of Exponents

8.EE.3-4 Scientific Notation

8.G.7 Use pythagorean theorem to solve problems

8.G.8 Find the distance between two points


3/7 CW/HW: Response to Learning Check

Word Problem Extension


3/6 CW: Learning Check


3/3 CW/HW: Solve Systems Story Problems Day 3


3/2 CW/HW: Solve Systems Story Problems Day 2


3/3 CW: Solve Systems Story Problems Notes


2/28 CW: Elimination Day 2 Notes

HW: Solve Systems using Elimination Day 2

Extension: Solve Systems Extension


2/27 CW: Solve Systems using Elimination Notes



2/17 CW: Solve Systems using Substitution Day 2

Extension: Notes  Practice


2/16 CW: Solve Systems using Substitution Notes

HW: Solve Systems using Substitution Day 1


2/15 CW: Review rewrite equations, solve systems by graphing and algebra

Extension: Solve using Substitution Extension Day 2


2/14 CW: Graph systems and solve using equality day 2 Notes    Worksheet

Extension: Solve systems using substitution


2/13 CW: Graph Systems and solve using algebra notes

Graph Systems and solve using algebra worksheet


2/10 CW: Graphing linear equations and systems of equations notes

HW: Optional Writing equations and graphing systems practice


2/9 CW: Translate Equations Day 2 Notes

HW: Rewriting Equations


2/8 CW: Translate Equations Notes

2/3 CW: Unit Test


2/2 CW: Whiteboard Review

2/1 CW: Operations with Scientific Notation Learning Check


1/30 CW: Law of Exponents and operations with scientific notation

Law of exponents extra practice

1/27 CW/HW: Scientific Notation and laws of exponents


1/26 CW Operations with Scientific Notation Notes

HW: Operations with Scientific Notation


1/25 CW: Law of exponents entrance ticket

Writing scientific notation practice

1/24 CW: Response to Learning Check   Answers with work

LOE Two Laws    Answers with work

1/23 CW: Law of Exponents Learning Check


1/20 CW/HW: LOE Mixed Review


1/19 CW: Power of Powers Whiteboard Review

1/18 CW: Power of Powers Notes

HW: Power of Powers Day 1


1/17 CW: Product and Quotient Laws Practice


1/13 CW: District Post Assessment


1/12 CW: Quotient of Powers Notes


1/11 CW: Product of Powers Day 1


1/10 CW: Law of Exponents Day 1 Notes


1/9 CW: Review for Post Assessment


1/6 CW: Linear/Function Review

HW: District Assessment Review


1/5 CW: Function Discussion


1/4 CW: Linear/Nonlinear Discussion


1/3 CW: Linear/Nonlinear Exploration


12/16 CW: Simplify Radicals Notes

HW: Simplify Radicals


12/14-15 CW: Pythagoras Group Task


12/13 CW: Unit test


12/12 CW: Whiteboard review


12/9 CW: Learning Check 8.G.7 Pythag Story

HW: Pythag Unit Review


12/8 CW: Pythag Word Problems 2

HW: More Pythag Word Problems

12/7 CW: Pythagoras Story Problem Practice


12/6 CW: Learning Check


12/5 CW: Pythagoras Entrance Ticket

Story problem Practice

HW: None


12/1 CW/HW: Using Pythagorean Theorem Practice


11/30 CW: Distance between two points notes

HW: Distance between two points


11/29 CW: Find missing side, is it a right triangle notes

HW: Find missing side day 2


11/28 CW: Pythagoras Find missing side notes

HW: Pythagoras find missing side day 1


11/23 CW: Inv 3.1 Day 2 Notes

HW: None


11/22 CW:  Inv 3.1 Day 1

HW: Finish table for given figures


11/21 CW: Inv 2.2 Notes

HW: p29: 4, 12, 13, 20-22



11/18 CW: Inv 2.1 Notes

HW: None


11/17 CW: Trimester Final


11/16 CW: All standards review


11/15 CW: Study for Final

Statistics Review



11/14 CW: Study for trimester final





11/9-11/10 CW: 8.F.5 Matching graph , table, story task


11/8 CW/HW: Time/Distance and Time/Speed Tables and graphs


11/7 CW: 8.F.5 Match graph to statement day 2


11/4 CW: 8.F.5 Match graph to statement

HW: None


11/3 CW: Unit Test


11/2 CW: Application problem

Optional: Extra practice for test


10/31 - 11/1: CW: Review for test

8.SP.2 Line of best fit

8.SP.3 Use best fit line

8.SP.4 Two way tables

HW: None

10/28 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.4

HW: 8.SP.3 Test Review


10/27 CW: 8.SP.4 Two way tables & 8.SP.2 Line of best fit



10/26 CW Inv 5.1 Notes

HW: None


10/25 CW: Inv 5.3 Notes

HW: p121: 16, 17, 19


10/24 CW: Response to Learning Check

HW: None


10/21 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.2 8.SP.3


10/20 CW: Finish Star Wars Task

HW: None

10/19 CW: Star Wars Movie Prediction Task

HW: None


10/18 CW: 8.SP.3 Use line of best fit day 2 notes

HW: 8.SP.3 Day 2 HW


10/17 CW: 8.SP.3 Use line of best fit to answer questions


10/14 CW: WICC Self Eval, 8.SP.2 Group Task

HW: none


10/13 CW: 8.SP.2 Line of best fit day 3 Notes



10/12 CW: 8.SP.2 Line of best fit classwork


HW: Finish first two problems of classwork


10/11 CW: Inv 2.1 Notes

HW: Finish Inv 2.1 C 


10/7 CW: Unit Test


10/6 CW: Whiteboard Review for Test


10/5 CW: Linear Algebra Review with answers


10/4 CW: Response to Learning Check

DVR Dilema Answers

8.EE.7 Retake Answers

8.EE.7 Reteach Answers


10/3 CW: Learning Check 8.EE.7 Solving Equations


9/30 CW: Response to Learning Check


9/29 CW: Solve Equations Practice


9/28 CW: On both sides practice with Answers


9/27 CW: Learning Check 8F4 Write Equations 8EE5 Compare Equations

HW: None


9/26 CW: Variables on both Sides notes

HW: None


9/23 CW: Distribute and Solve Day 2 Notes

HW: Distribute and Solve Day 2 with Answers


9/22 CW: Distribute and Solve Notes

HW: Distribute and Solve



9/21 CW: Solve two step equation notes

HW: Solve two step equations with answers


9/20 CW: Warm up and Classwork Notes

Compare Rates WS

HW: None


9/19 CW: Warm up and Classwork Notes

HW: 8.F.4 Homework



9/16 CW: Create tables and graphs from equations practice

HW: None

9/15 CW: Create tables and graphs from equations Notes

HW: None

9/14 CW/HW: Writing Equations Practice


9/13 CW: y intercept and writing equations notes

HW: None

9/12 CW: Find Slope Notes

HW: Find slope

9/9 CW: Syllabus Discussion (Signed syllabus due Fri Sept 16)

9/8 CW: Upside down T pattern


9/7 CW: Believe in yourself video

Hailstorm sequences


9/6 CW: District Pre-assessment


9/2 CW: Growth Mindset Lesson

9/1 CW: Color Personality Profile

Getting to know you Questionaire