CC8 Calendar

6/11 CW: Exponential Decay Notes

Exponential Decay HW    Answers


6/8 CW: Growth Rate Notes

HW: Growth Rates HW     Answers

6/7 CW: Exponential Growth WS 1


HW: Exponential Growth WS 2



6/6 CW: Kingdom of Monterek


6/5 CW: Exponential Relationships Notes


5/29 - 6/4 CW: Visual Acuity Project




5/24 CW: Trimester Final


5/22 - 23 CW/HW: Trimester Final Review

8.G.9 Volume

8.G.3 & 8.G.5       Answers

8.G.1 & 8.G.2       Answers

5/21 CW: Unit Test

5/18 CW: 8.G.1 & 8.G.2 Review


8.G.3 & 8.G.5 Review & Answers

5/17 CW/HW: 8.G.1 & 8.G.2 Review  Answers

8.G.3 & 8.G.5 Review with answers


5/15 - 5/16 CW: Research Visual Acuity


5/14 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.2 Congruent and Similar Figures

Introduce Visual Acuity Project

SBAC Testing Week

5/10 & 5/11 Similar Figures Notes

Similar Figure Practice


5/9 CW: Review/Study Hall


5/8 Period 3: SBAC

Period 5 & 6 Butterflies p30 Inv 2.1 & 2.2 Congruent figures and transformations

5/7 Period 3 CW: Butterflies p30 Inv 2.1 & 2.2 Congruent figures and transformations

Period 5 & 6: SBAC Testing


5/1 - 5/4 CW: Learning Check 8.G.1 & continue work on SBAC Review packet


4/30 CW: SBAC Review Packet


4/27 CW: Unit Review


Constructing Reflections

Constructing Rotations

Constructing Translations

Finding and drawing line of symmetry

Finding the angle of rotation and center

Finding the vector angle and distance

4/26 CW: Constructing Transformation Practice 



4/25 CW: Translation Notes

Translation Answers


4/24 CW: Reflection and Rotation Practice


4/23 CW: Learning Check Make ups

Reflection Practice

Rotation Notes

4/20 CW: Reflection across a line construction


4/19 CW: Learning Check 8.G.3 and 8.G.5

HW: Optional Practice

8.G.3 Transformation on grid

8.G.5 Parallel Lines, Triangle Angle Sum


4/18 CW/HW: Parallel Lines, Triangle Angle Sum, and Transformation Practice


4/17 CW: Parallel Lines and Transversal Notes

HW: Parallel Lines and Triangle Angle Sum

4/16 CW: Transformations on grid review


4/5 CW: Rotation on grid notes

HW: Transformation on grid day 3


4/4 CW: Translations on grid notes

HW: Tranformations on grid day 2


4/3 CW: Reflection on coordinate grid notes

Practice   Answers


4/2 CW: Unit Test


3/30 CW: Whiteboard Review


3/29 CW: Volume Application Problems


3/28 CW/HW: Unit Review



3/27 CW: Volume application Problems


3/19 - 3/26 Ice Cream Store Project

Ice Cream Project Checklist

3/16 CW: Learning Check


3/15 CW: Composite Figures Practice with Volume


3/14 CW: Volume practice


3/13 CW: Discover Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres Notes

3/12 CW: Review Area and Volume Notes

Answers from Friday Taco Cart Task

3/9 CW: Taco Cart Task

3/8 CW: Tri Final Part 2


3/7 CW: Tri 2 Final Review Part 2 Notes

Optional Extra Practice

Solve Systems

Graph Systems

Word Problems #2   Answers

Word Problems #6   Answers


3/6 CW: Tri Final Day 1


3/5 CW: Whiteboard Review


3/2 CW: Review All Standards


3/1 CW: 8.EE.8c Story Problems Review



2/28 CW: 8.EE.8a and 8.EE.8b Review


2/27 CW: 8.G.7 Review


2/26 CW: Finish Hotel Snap

Begin Studying for Trimester Final

8.EE.1 and 8.EE.3-4


2/16 CW: Hotel Snap Task


2/15 CW: Unit Test


2/14 CW: Test Review


2/13 CW: HW Questions

HW: Solve Systems Review Day 2


2/12 CW: Learning Check

HW: Solve Systems Review Day 1


2/6 Solve Systems Review


2/5 Solve Systems Story Problems


2/2 Solve Systems using Elimination Day 2


2/1 Video: Solve systems using elimination

CW: Solve systems using elimination notes

HW: Solve systems using elimination


1/31 CW/HW: Solve using substitution day 2


1/30 Video: Solve systems using substitution

Video: Changing from Standard form to slope intercept form

CW: Solve Systems using substitution notes

HW: Solve systems using substitution

1/26 CW/HW: Solve Systems by graphing and equality day 2

1/25 CW: Graph systems and then solve algebraically notes

HW: Solve Systems by graphing and algebra

Video: Solve system of equations with graphing

1/24 CW/HW: Finish Part 3 Tables and Complete GoFormative Systems Reflection


1/23 CW: Ditch Diggers Part 3 Tables


1/22 CW: Ditch Diggers Investigation Part 2

Video Equation from two points

Video: Solve system of equations with graphing

1/19 CW: Systems of Equations Investigation

HW: None


1/18 CW: Linear/Nonlinear Exploration Notes

HW: None


1/17 CW: Functions Notes

HW: Function Day 2


1/16 CW: Unit Test


1/12 CW: Unit Test Review Day 2


1/11 CW: Unit Test Review Day 1


1/10 CW: Learning Check 8.EE.3-4

LOE Ticket Notes

HW: LOE Ticket Follow Up


1/9 CW: Law of Exponents Entrance ticket

Scientific Notation Practice


1/8 CW: Operations with Scientific Notation

HW: Operations with Scientific Notation


1/5 CW: Scientific Notation Notes

HW: Scientific Notation and Laws of Exponents


1/4 CW: LOE Learning Check


1/3 CW: LOE Two Laws Notes

HW: LOE Choice


1/2 CW: Law of Exponents Practice

Extension: Two Laws


12/19 CW: Quotient Rule Practice and Power Rule Notes

HW: None

Video: Power Rule


12/18 CW: LOE Quotient of Powers Notes

HW: None

Video: Quotient Rule


12/15 CW: Product of Powers Practice

Negative Exponents Video

12/14 CW: Laws of Exponents Discussion and notes

12/13 CW: Laws of Exponents Investigation

Virtual Nerd Videos


12/12 CW: Unit Test


12/11 CW: Whiteboard Review


12/7 CW: Learning Check

HW: Looking for Pythagoras Review



12/5 - 12/6 CW: Pythag Travel Itinerary Task


12/4 CW: Entrance Ticket

HW: None


12/1 CW: Pythagorean Story Problems WS 1    Answers

Pythagorean Word Problems WS 2 with answers


11/30 CW: Distance between points and find missing side

Classify Triangles


11/29 CW: Apply Pythagorean Theorem to Story Problems Notes


11/28 CW: Find Missing Side Practice

Distance between two points notes

HW: None


11/27 CW: Find missing side day 1 notes

HW: Pythagorean Theorem WS 1



11/22 CW Inv 3.1 Day 2 Notes

HW: None


11/21 CW: Inv 3.1

HW: Finish table from classwork


11/20 CW: Pythagoras Inv 2.1 Notes


11/17 Trimester Final


11/13 - 11/16 Review for Trimester Final

8.F.4 Wks 1  Wks 2  Wks 3     

8.EE.5  Wks 1    Wks 2

8.EE.7  Wks 1   

8.SP.2 8.SP.3 8.SP.4   Wks 1 

Wks 2    Answer Key  

All Review except 8SP4

Answer Key

11/9 CW: Distance Time Matching Task


11/8 Distance Time Graphs Day 2 Notes


11/7 CW: Distance - Time Graphs Day 1 Notes


11/6 CW: Graphing Stories Videos


11/3 CW: TWMM Unit Test


11/2 CW: Test Review Notes

Practice Test

Practice Test Answers

10/31 - 11/1 CW: Review for Unit Test

8.SP.2     8.SP.3      8.SP.4

8.SP.3 Key      8.SP.4 Key

10/30 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.3 and 8.SP.4


10/27 CW: Inv 5.1 Notes

HW: None

Video: Relative Frequency and two ways tables

10/26 CW: 8.SP.4 Day 1 Notes

HW: TWMM p121: 16-17, p123: 19


Video Two Way Tables


10/25 CW/HW: 8.SP.3 Day 4


10/24 CW/HW: 8.SP.3 Classwork

Response to learning check 8.SP.2 (required for students with 2 or 2.5 on LC)


10/20 CW: Learning Check 8.SP.2


10/19 CW: 8.SP.3 Interpret Line of best fit day 1


10/18 CW: 8.SP.2 Best Fit Line Entrance Ticket


10/17 CW: Best Fit Line Practice

HW: None


10/16 CW: Equation from two points warm up notes

HW: Best Fit Line Practice 1st problem


10/13 CW: Write equation from two points notes

Video Equation from two points

HW: Best Fit Line practice


10/12 CW: Candle Burning Task Day 2 Notes

HW: Watch video from yesterday if you struggled in class


10/11 CW: Candle Burning Task

Video How to create a scatterplot graph

10/10 CW: Unit Test


10/9 CW: Whiteboard Review

Optional Practice

GoFormative - equations from tables

8F4 Review

8EE7 Review with answers

8F4 Review Answers


10/6 CW: Linear Unit Review



10/5 CW: Learning Check


10/4 CW: On Both Sides Day 2 with Answers

HW: None


10/3 CW: On Both Sides Notes

HW: On Both Sides with Answers


10/2 CW: Distribute and Solve Day 2 Notes

HW: Distribute and Solve Day 2


9/29 CW: Learning Check


9/28 CW: Finish worksheets from Monday/Tuesday


9/27 CW: Solving one and two step equations notes


9/26 CW: Writing Equations Word Problems


Writing Equations Enrichment



9/25 CW: Comparing Functions


9/22 CW: Compare Rates

HW: None


9/21 CW: Writing equations notes

HW: Writing Equations



9/20 CW: 8f4 Classwork

HW: Period 5 & 6: 8F4 Homework



9/19 CW: Write and graph equations practice

GoFormative activity

HW: None


9/18 CW: Graph equations and create tables notes

HW: Graph equations and create tables



9/15 Writing equations from graphs and from two points

HW: Slope, y-int, write equations



Video: y-intercept definition

Equation of a line from a graph


HW: Slope, y-intercept practice

9/14 Find slope from graph and table

Additional Video Notes

Virtual Nerd

Math is Fun


9/13: Finish Linear Task Posters


9/12 Linear Patterns Task Day 2 Discussion

HW: Answer check in question on the HW Question page to the right

9/11 Linear Patterns Task Day 1


9/8 Syllabus Discussion

9/7 Toothpick Square Task

9/6 Color Personality Profile Activity


Getting to Know you survey