Math Lab Course Syllabus

Mr. Arnot

Room 2114

Course Description

This class is intended to supplement the student’s regular math class by providing an opportunity in a smaller class to work on math skill building and receive extra help on concepts from your math class.

The structure of the class time will be focused on pre-teaching concepts before you see them in your regular math class and re-teaching concepts that you are still struggling with. There will be time to ask questions each day in class. This class is not intended to be a study hall where you do your homework. There will be different activities and assignments each day of class.

Behavioral Expectations

School policies and consequences for behavior are outlined in the Student Handbook and apply at all times while in this class.  In math class, you are expected to demonstrate the three R’s:


  • Be prepared for class each day with completed assignments and needed materials.

    • Be ready to learn, with a positive attitude and hard work.


  • Respect the teacher by listening carefully during instruction.

  • Respect your classmates by treating them kindly, working cooperatively, refraining from negative comments or actions, and listening respectfully when they speak.

  • Respect the classroom by handling books, materials, and supplies properly.


  • Complete all assignments on time. 

  • Keep track of assignments in your planner.

  • Make-up all work missed due to absence.

  • Participate in class discussions and activities.

  • Try your hardest and do your best work at all times!



Participation is worth 100% of your total grade. 

Items graded in this category reflect a student's participation and engagement in math class.


Office hours

I am available most days after school from 2:15 to 4:00 in room 2114. If you have questions, want extra help, or need to make up a missed test please check with me to make sure I am available that day. You can call me at (425)837-5934 or you can also email me at arnotb@issaquah.wednet.edu.


Brian Arnot